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Our Facilities

Serving the Earth Moving Industries for over 25 years

Our Factories and Offices

Services and operations available globally

Our Factories and Offices

Image by Ribhav Kala

Corporate Headquarters

Hong Kong, China

Unit 10, 3/F., Block B, Tonic Ind. Centre, 19 Lam Hing Street, Kowloon Bay, Kln., Hong Kong

International Sales 

Finance & Investment

Administration & Corporate Governance


Factory (Bucket & Attachments)

Jiangsu, China

Manufacture bucket and attachments for excavator (construction and mining) & wheel loaders.

ARD topview.jpg

Factory (Undercarriage)


Xi'an, China

Manufacture undercarriage


Area: 50,000 m2



Factory (Track Link)


Xianning, China

Manufacture link assembly & undercarriage

Area: 100,000 m2


Bonded Logistics Center


Xi'an, China


Logistic handling

Import & Export products


Image by Road Trip with Raj

Representative Office

Beijing, China

Image by Swapnil Bapat

Representative Office


Image by Cris  Jiao

Representative Office

Changzhou, China

Image by Steven Roe

Representative Office

Ulsan, South Korea

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